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            WHO WE PROVIDE SERVICES TO                                  WHAT SERVICES WE OFFER

AarowPrep provides comprehensive services to the following organizations and is rapidly growing to meet the needs of our communities by developing customized, in-depth programs designed to take the stress off your organization when it comes to planning for and managing a crisis...


•Private sector corporations & small businesses

•Schools & institutions of higher education

•Hospitals, medical & dental clinics, pharmaceutical                      organizations

•Retail stores, banks, & office facilities

•Faith-based organizations such as churches

•Long-term care facilities

•Local, state, & federal governments

•Non-profits and non-governmental organizations (NGO)

•Community organizations & clubs

•Families & individuals

•Sporting teams of all ages

•Events such as weddings, concerts, conferences, etc.


AarowPrep's exclusive programs offer on-site awareness training to various types of organizations. Our awareness programs are designed to provide a general foundation to develop a better understanding of what could happen if you experience an active shooter/assailant situation and what you can do to SURVIVE including an overview of recommendations for future planning and training.


Please email for more information.

We purposely select highly experienced Subject Matter Experts that have a strong passion for emergency management and meeting the client's "big picture" needs. It's absolutely about the quality of our experts, not just in their field but as overall respected individuals within their vast, professional networks.



*New* Exclusive, Interactive, & Engaging

On-Site Program titled:

Surviving an Active Shooter:

Training for the Civilian Population



-Latest FBI Statistics

-History & Mind of an Active Shooter

-RUN>HIDE>FIGHT w/greater detail

-Situational Awareness

-Fight, Flight, or Freeze

-Warrior Mindset

-Objects as Weapons

-Communication During a Crisis

-First Aid Training Options

-Expectations of Law Enforcement

-Recovering from a Violent Event

-Muscle Memory - Trained vs Untrained Response

-Prepare for Battle

-Violent Behavior Indicators

-Future Personal & Organizational Planning & Training 


AarowPrep recognizes that communities are stronger when the emergency management needs follow the "whole community" approach, which suggests results are more effective when the entire community joins forces to resolve a need. The same works in the private sector. Relationships built within the community prior to an event can make a big difference in the outcome. Much like neighbors helping neighbors.

We recognize that preparedness is a shared responsibility, not just a government responsibility based on the Presidential Policy Directive 8 / PPD-8: National Preparedness, March 30, 2011. This is a systematic effort to keep the nation safe from harm, and resilient when struck by hazards, such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and pandemics.

We help our clients build these relationships by sharing our 'big picture' vision. We recognize the importance of including valuable stakeholders and building relationships within communities ahead of a crisis so our team of experts guide organizations through the important process of incorporating community stakeholders to ultimately become better prepared overall in the face of emergencies.


Give us an idea of your most immediate Emergency Management challenge to start with and our experts will work with you to determine the approach that's best for your organization.

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